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Video Analysis and Stroke Correction 

During your 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Sessions, you'll receive customised advice and expert guidance, ultimately transforming you into a more skilled and efficient swimmer. Our sessions are designed to offer you valuable insights on enhancing your technical prowess in the water, leading to increased speed, efficiency, and reduced risk of injury. You will take greater pleasure in your swimming pursuits while working toward your desired goals.

Making the Most of Your Pool Time

Full HD Video Recording


Each session commences by discussing your current swimming issues and defining your goals. We then film you from a range of angles above and below the water in glorious HD footage. 

Sally Scaffidi video analysis certified swim smooth coach

Detailed Video Analysis 


Our video analysis for freestyle offers a comprehensive assessment of your stroke. We capture your swim from a variety of angles, allowing us to analyse your technique from different perspectives. This multi-angle approach enables us to draw comparisons between your swimming and elite athletes, highlighting both strengths and areas that need improvement. With attention to detail, we provide insights into what you're doing correctly and what requires adjustment. The entire process is recorded for you, including an introduction of the drills that we will utilise to make the changes within your stroke. This will ensure that you have access to a valuable resource for your continued progress and development in the pool.

Sally Scaffidi video analysis certified swim smooth coach

Stroke Correction


Following the analysis, you'll head back to the water and be coached through a detailed stroke correction routine with key points to guide you to your best-ever stroke smoothly.

Sally Scaffidi video analysis certified swim smooth coach

* This is at a discounted rate


60 minute followup Session


75 minute Initial consult 


Your 2 video files (your raw footage and your analysis) will be sent to you later that day via email on a secure server, ready for download and your safekeeping.

Please contact me directly: to make a booking or book from the Swim in Common website.

Success Stories: Video Anaylsis

Sally was absolutely incredible. Super knowledgeable and very supportive. She made me feel really confident in my ability to improve. In just one hour the improvement in my stroke was phenomenal. I went from wrestling with the water to a nice smooth stroke with lots of areas to work on. Can't wait to get in the pool with Sally's squad.

Best and most useful hour I ever spent in the pool. Sally keeps things clear and easy to understand to get instant results. The setup is very professional with video analysis and underwater audio comms. All the advices are spot on, I can't wait to go back in the water to put that into practice. Thank you!

As a novice swimmer, it was so beneficial to actually see how I was swimming. With the video analysis Sally picked the problem areas, explained them, and after some simple drills, I had already improved my technique.
Can't speak highly enough of the session, and of Sally's coaching - really keen to get back on the pool and practice!!

I was quite amazed at the level of analysis Sally gave me on my stroke. I've noticed significant efficiency improvements just a few weeks following the session. The drills I was recommended have helped correct my imperfections identified in the session. I look forward to the next one!

The 1-2-1 Video Analysis with Sally was by the far the best thing I have ever done for my swimming. She is a exceptional coach and really helped simplify what I needed to focus on. I have a clear path to get where I want to go and I feel more inspired about my swimming than ever. I love having the video, drills and everything we talked about to review whenever I want. Awesome!

Paul & Sally are the best most positive encouraging coaches around, having been away for awhile they have welcomed me back big time.. honestly what I receive from the squad is amazing. Don’t worry I’m spreading the word.

This is such a worthwhile exercise to do if you want to improve your swimming. The video analysis was so interesting and Sally was able to show me all the areas that I could improve on. I really loved getting back into the pool and going through the drills and exercises to improve my stroke.

Had a great session with Sally out at Claremont Aquatic. Completely eye opening to see the video of myself swimming. The breakdown of where I was going wrong and could improve was great. Perfectly pitched so that I could understand and follow along. The pool sessions and exercises made an immediate improvement. Highly recommended.

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