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Our swim squad is perfect for anyone new to swimming freestyle or who simply wants to improve their efficiency and technique. We cover each area of the stroke with drills designed to help you reach your goals. With a maximum of 12 swimmers per session, there is plenty of individual coach feedback and support. Plus, it's a great way to have fun and stay fit.

Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced

Beginner Level


Our program is designed to be welcoming and safe for beginner swimmers of all ages. Our mission is to ensure that our swimmers feel safe, respected, and confident in the water with a focus on squad and pool etiquette, as well as introducing swimming aids such as fins, paddles, and pool buoys.

Sally Scaffidi Swim squad Perth Australia

Intermediate Level


Our Intermediate swimmers are looking to build on their existing swimming skills. We provide drills using fins, paddles, and pool buoys to help improve your technique. We also introduce swimming with a beeper, the competitive aspect of swimming. Whether you are looking to reach your competitive goals or just enjoy swimming, our intermediate squad can help you reach your goals. 

Sally Scaffidi Swim Squad Claremont Pool Perth Australia

Advanced Level


Our advanced level is perfect for those who want to perfect their freestyle technique and become competent open-water swimmers. By understanding your stroke rate and pacing, you'll swim faster and be better equipped to compete in an event and achieve your goal.

Sally Scaffidi Swim Squad Claremont Pool Perth Australia


The squad meets every Friday at 11.30am for 60 minutes at Claremont pool.


The cost of each session is either $25, or $200 for a 10 session card.

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Success Stories: Swim Squad 

Sally Scaffidi Swim Squad reviews

Yolanda Carstens

I was not good enough to start in a swim squad. I could only manage 1km, and my freestyle needed work. I was also terrified of the ocean. Everything changed when I joined Sally Scaffidi's Friday Squad. Sally tailored programs and workouts that suited my ability level, and a supportive, encouraging community surrounded me. With their help, my swimming has improved, and I can now swim for longer distances in the ocean and more efficiently. Joining the swim squad was an unforgettable journey, and I'm so glad I took on the challenge.

Sally Scaffidi Coaching reviews

Paul Summers

Paul loves being part of our swim squad! He says that not only has he improved his technique and strength in the pool, but he's also made some great friends along the way. He says he's proud to be part of our squad and that he's looking forward to seeing how far he can go with our support and guidance.

Sally Scaffidi Coaching reviews


Sandra says the swim squad at Claremont local pool is fantastic. Sally is knowledgeable and encouraging, and the squad members have a strong sense of camaraderie. The sessions are well-structured and challenging, and Sandra has noticed an improvement in her swimming since she joined. The squad atmosphere is friendly and supportive, and it's a great way to meet new people. Sandra highly recommends the swim squad to anyone looking to get into swimming.

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