Beginner Lessons
Learn to swim freestyle (from scratch) the 'Swim Smooth' way!
If you have never swum before or have difficulty swimming freestyle, then these are for you!
Freestyle is the fastest and most versatile swimming stroke, but many people do not attempt freestyle in fear of putting their face in the water. It is simply a matter of co-ordinating the breathing timing, ie exhaling into the water, and inhaling to the side.
The 'Swim Smooth' 10 step 'Learn to Swim Freestyle Program'  includes 5x45 minute lessons. It covers a step-by-step process in learning how to swim freestyle the correct way,  with the goal of being able to swim freestyle with fins on by the final session.

I will be in the pool with you at all times if necessary to help you achieve this goal.






5x45 minute Beginner Sessions                 $550