Video Analysis and Stroke Correction

Are you new to swimming, have reached a plateau, or feel you want to take your swimming to another level? 

Video Analysis and Stroke Correction is the newest and most efficient way of improving your swim stroke, no matter your ability. Working from Claremont pool (12 Davies Rd, Claremont)  in Perth, Western Australia, I am able to analyse and correct your stroke right in front of you. Through the use of a HD underwater camera, I am able to film you from multiple angles, before promptly showing you the footage on a laptop.  The entire analysis is recorded for you on DVD – including all your raw footage, my assessment of it, comparison with elite swimmers and key animations. These visualisations of good stroke technique are very important, especially if you are a visual learner.

After the analysis, I will ask you to get back into the pool for the second half of the session – the stroke correction process. Using what I have just viewed on the computer, I will tailor the correction process to your individual needs as a swimmer.

At the end of the session I will give you a training plan to take away with you, that is specific to your swimming stroke. This includes reminders of all the drills you have performed during your stroke correction session. Everything you need to transform your swimming!

Follow Up Sessions
Depending on your progress, and how you feel, you can arrange a follow up session, normally 4 – 8 weeks after your initial session.

Initial Consult with Video Analysis (75-90mins)       $195
Follow-up Stroke Correction Session (60mins)        $160

To book a session and to see availability please go to:!appointments/cta3 or email me directly.


Stroke Correction
Stroke Correction
Video Analysis
Video Analysis